Open for submissions



We want well written, satisfying work. If you have a completed novel which you believe may fit, then send us:

1.  The first three chapters or fifty pages.

2. A synopsis of one or two pages.

3. A covering letter with a brief overview  – we do NOT need a brilliant ‘pitch’ or the kind of blurb which would go on the back of the book.  The basic story, main character(s) and general themes will suffice.

4.  Ensure that your work has been checked for typos, grammar and punctuation mistakes, and then save your work with the date of submission, followed by the title and your name*. We suggest you use a clean, clear font such as Times New Roman or Arial 12pt and a minimum of 1.5 spaced.

*Example file name: 01.01.12_LITERARY_JOEBLOGGS


We are looking for all kinds of fiction, but if yours is very much genre then perhaps submit to Grey Cells Press (mystery, crime,detection), Caerus Press (historical fiction) or Lost World Press (speculative)

A very useful article on how to present your work can be found here and is worth perusing before sending your manuscript anywhere:

Emma Darwin: This Itch of Writing


We will respond as soon as possible. If we turn the submission down we will, if you wish, then give a fuller explanation of why we do not feel it is right for us.