There is Nothing Strange

Published June 2016



“Susan Pepper Robbins blends dark humor reminiscent of Flannery O’Connor with prose that calls Virginia Woolf to mind, tautly beautiful lines and images echoing each other from page to page.”  Michael Knight, author of Divining Rod and The Typist




Some love falters, some fails, and some love finds a way to survive.

A strange love triangle turns and twists and tangles as three people try to find their way with and through one another. Laura and Jeremy marry, and take their first hopeful – and desperate – steps together; but always there is Henry, bound to them both by love and guilt and a terrible accident years before. The story whirls like the wedding dance, until at last the music stops, and they find the truth beyond the old songs and ‘the chants of night’.

With lyrical prose shot through with acerbic humour, and a hypnotic rhythm, Susan Pepper Robbins creates a story both disturbing and beautiful.



Susan Pepper Robbins lives in rural Virginia where she grew up. Her first novel was published when she was fifty (“One Way Home,” Random House, 1993). Her fiction has won prizes (the Deep South Prize, the Virginia Prize) and has been published in many journals. Her collection of stories “Nothing But The Weather” was published in 2014. She teaches writing at Hampden-Sydney College.

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