The Mark


The Mark


Published April 2015The Mark Front Ingram copy


Liam O’Connell is a man haunted by his past, who lives by stealing, scavenging and tricking those he meets. He takes shelter in a derelict cottage belonging to the recently widowed Laura West, and the unlikely pair begin a relationship. After a visit from Liam’s estranged wife, Peggy, they are left with Danny, the child she claims is Liam’s, currently living in care. The pressure on all sides leads to a complete breakdown between Liam and Laura and he leaves.

On his return a year later Liam discovers that Danny is living at Laura’s house and has sworn to kill him. Now Liam has to find a way to survive Danny without losing Laura.

A story of guilt, loss and redemptive love.



J.L.Fontaine has worked  on a chicken farm, in hospitals and old people’s homes and as JJ The Clown, children’s entertainer and puppeteer. After gaining a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling, she worked in a College and as a Police Welfare Officer.

Once her children had left home she moved to France, where her plans to refurbish a beautiful old house were thwarted by the arrival, in her life of Monsieur Fontaine, the plumber who swept her off to Africa, where she presently resides. She now spends her time writing novels and poetry and fishing insects out of the swimming pool.

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