Oh Honey



Oh Honey ront


“Hello, my name is Esther. I am calling on behalf of Krippler Incorporated, a market research institute. Today we are conducting a survey on feline diabetes. Do you, or any member of your household, own a cat?”
They hang up.
“Hello. My name is Joan. I am calling on behalf of—”
They hang up.
“Hello. My name’s Doreen.”

Jane is a telemarketer. She uses a different name each time, and soon it becomes clear that she is calling the same man again and again. Each call is a new battle between them, with him becoming angrier and more threatening. But Jane isn’t calling him at random; Jane has a purpose; Jane has a past which seems to change each time she tells it. The story is revealed through exchanges like ritual incantations.

A sharp, funny and dark novel about identity and connection.


Emily was born in 1989 and grew up in St Thomas, South Western Ontario, Canada, he third of four children. She started  her first job when I was fifteen years old,  working as a floor porter in a grocery store; she has also worked as a camp counsellor, as a cashier in a coffee shop – and as a telemarketer.  After  studying English Language and Literature at the University of Western Ontario she obtained an MA in Library and Information Science, working part time in a LGBT library, and now works for the federal government of Canada in Information Management and as a school librarian. Oh Honey is her first book.

E Austin


Publication date: 20th July 2017 




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