In graceful prose it speaks of love engendered, lost, mourned and renewed.’

Liz Jensen

When Ella offers to look after a stranger’s cat, she is not expecting her life
to change…

At 35, Ella is no longer excited by her academic career in France, and has not found love. Following the unexpected death of her father, she is thrown into crisis, but then she meets the enigmatic Max. Over the course of a summer, their romance deepens – until she makes a discovery which throws everything off course. As Ella’s life becomes bound up with the stories of two other Englishwomen in France, she finds the freedom to tread an unconventional path, and to love in her own way.

This is a book about the need to revisit and make sense of the past in order to move into the future.

The emotional force of Helen Mundler’s elegiac meditation on longing and belonging will resonate with anyone who has entered another culture and put down roots, or dreamed of doing so. L’Anglaise is an intelligent, finely-wrought exploration of what home means to those who leave and those who stay. In graceful prose it speaks of love engendered, lost, mourned and renewed; of shadows cast and cast off; of how time illuminates, and forgiveness sets us free.Liz Jensen, author of The Ninth Life of Louis Drax, The Uninvited, Ark Baby, etc

“An intense, unsettling and unflinchingly honest novel” James Wilson, author of The Bastard Boy, The Woman in the Picture, etc.

Praise for Helen’s previous novel, Homesickness:

‘…beautifully and tenderly told…’ John Carey; as Booker Prize Judge Chairman, John Carey nominated Homesickness as a book he would have liked to see in the Prize list.

‘Mundler writes about sex as it really exists, a physical act freighted with emotional, spiritual and moral complexity… a smart and courageous book.’ Foreword Reviews

‘Mundler writes beautifully, with a deep understanding…’ Time Out

‘… a remarkable début. Manchester City Life


JOHN CAREY, as Chair of the Booker Prize judges in 2003, said of Helen Mundler’s first novel that this was something he would have wanted to see on the longlist; he described it as dealing with a difficult subject with ‘a disarming frankness and intelligence… beautifully and tenderly told.’ Her second novel (though not her second book) has been a long time coming – but it was well worth waiting for.

Now James Wilson describes L’Anglaise as “An intense, unsettling and unflinchingly honest novel”, while Liz Jensen writes of ‘The emotional force of Helen Mundler’s elegiac meditation… an intelligent, finely-wrought exploration… in graceful prose.’

L’ANGLAISE is an extraordinary book: moving, disturbing, and thought-provoking.



Helen E. Mundler studied at Durham University before obtaining her doctorate in Strasbourg, and her Habilitation in Nanterre. She is currently associate professor at a university in Paris.

She has published one other novel, Homesickness (Dewi Lewis, 2003), as well as two critical works, Intertextualité dans l’oeuvre d’A.S.Byatt (Paris, Harmattan, 2003), and The Otherworlds of Liz Jensen: a Critical Reading (New York, Camden House, 2016).

Published: 26th April 2018

PB: £9.99
ISBN: 978-1910688564




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