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‘Timothy Ogene’s beautiful novel is a new form of Bildungsroman, in which the theme of coming of age becomes a coming of language: Sam’s story is also a journey through books and memories, so much so that a life’s journey is not only oriented forwards, but also backwards.’ The African Book Review


In the slum they call The Blocks, growing up is a strange affair…

Sam, a young Nigerian whose father only speaks to the children once he has taken on enough alcohol, and whose mother won’t accept that Sam is different from his siblings, is formed by the people he meets…

Paperback:   978-1-910688-29-8

Price:  UK PB 9.99

‘A strange, compelling work… A considerable achievement.’  Craig Raine


‘Shall we start again?’

A young woman regains consciousness. An elegant old lady degenerates into flailing madness. A beggar counts small change on Westminster Bridge. Hot summer afternoons transform into autumn and winter days and back to summer again…


Paperback:   978-1-910688-06-9

Kindle: 978-1-910688-07-6

Price:  UK PB 9.99             UK Digital 4.99

An important novel about important issues; about Brazil, and Brazilian immigrants in the USA; about home, belonging and self-determination.


When Cecilia is hired by Mrs. Woodard, she doesn’t expect to find a new life and her own past.

Brazilian immigrant to the USA Cecilia is hired by the wealthy seventy-eight year old Elena Woodard to be her fulltime caregiver. Elena gives her journal with her history and her most intimate secrets to Cecilia…


Paperback:   978-1-910688-02-1

Kindle: 978-1-910688-03-8

Price:  UK PB 9.99  US PB 14.99

UK Digital 4.99 US Digital 6.99

“Susan Pepper Robbins blends dark humor reminiscent of Flannery O’Connor with prose that calls Virginia Woolf to mind, tautly beautiful lines and images echoing each other from page to page.”  Michael Knight, author of Divining Rod and The Typist


Some love falters, some fails, and some love finds a way to survive.

A strange love triangle turns and twists and tangles as three people try to find their way with and through one another. Laura and Jeremy marry, and take their first hopeful – and desperate – steps together; but always there is Henry…

Paperback:   978-1-910688-04-5

Kindle: 978-1-910688-05-2

Price:  US PB 14.99          US Digital 6.99

September in the Rain is a novel of extraordinary beauty and courage.’

Paula Byrne, author of Perdita: A Life of Mary Robinson


Two young people travelling through Italy are caught in the rain and hitch a lift with chilling consequences. After this nothing will ever be the same again.



Paperback:   978-1-910688-10-6

Kindle: 978-1-910688-09-0

   Price:  UK PB 11.99      UK Digital 4.99

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