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The Halloween Flash Fiction Competition has closed, the winners picked and all entrants have been informed.


As the solstice approaches, and our thoughts turn (well, occasionally) to thoughts of otherworldly activity, what better time than to think up a tale or two to tell by candlelight? In celebration of Halloween therefore, Lost World Press hosted a Flash Fiction Competition: Whether recalling the ancient Samhain or Celtic Calan Gaeaf, or plain pumpkin bashing in your neighbourhood, speculative (lost worlds, sci-fi, parallel/alternative, parody,steam/clockpunk…) pertaining to that special time of year when :

“  … the Night Hag shall ride 

And all her nine-fold sweeping on by Her side,

Whether the wind sing lowly or loud,
Stealing through moonshine or swathed in cloud…”

                                                                  (Sir Walter Scott)

Authors were welcome (actively encouraged in fact!) to illustrate their own tales (provided the images were either created by the authors, or in the public domain or that the author had the artist’s permission to use it).  Max word length was 750.

 It was a close thing, and very difficult to choose the prize-winners – the quality of writing was generally high, and overall an exciting start to what we hope will become an annual event.

We would like to thank everyone who took part and hope to see you all again at the next Halloween competition, if not sooner.


The 1st prize goes to : Sinead Monroe, One for Sorrow

The 2nd prize goes to : Fiona Jeeves, Grave Reunion

The third prize:

We had three runners-up, so we are offering one each to the following:

Jack, by Renee Alburn

Monster, by Paula Miller

Kitty Karma, by Katy Atkins

Finally a special mention for Rats, by Keira Andrews; we thought this an atmospheric piece, so it will be given a page to itself.

Winning entries will be posted here on the competition page; the prizes to be awarded are the following Amazon gift vouchers:

1st prize: £20 Voucher (approx $32.00)

2nd prize:£15 Voucher (approx $24.00)

3rd prize £10 Voucher (approx $16.00)


 A big thank you again to all the participants for making such an interesting collection –  and don’t forget, Lost World Press is looking for speculative fiction, so keep those inkpots filled ….

9 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Halloween

  1. martin jeeves

    Hi there where is the page so we can download our daughters (fiona jeeves) work we are very pleased she did so well regards martin jeeves

    • admin Post author

      It will be going up today – we need to ensure all contestants and, especiall, winners have been notified. This is now done and so…


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