Marlene Lee

Marlene Lee can be described as:

A recent graduate of the MFA Fiction-Writing program at Brooklyn College.

A writer of novels who has found her publisher, Holland House Books and its mystery imprint, Grey Cells Press.

A retired teacher of children’s special education, theory and practice of stenotype, and high school and freshman English.

A retired court reporter.

An unretiring resident of Manhattan and Columbia, Missouri.

A pianist.

A slow but earnest student of Antoine Matondo, official French tutor of the Lakota Coffeehouse in Columbia where she is in nearly permanent residence at a table in back, reading, drinking lattes, and writing                                                                                                        sentences that are too long.

One thought on “Marlene Lee

  1. Jeffra Hays

    This is to thank you for your Dactyl comment (Witz review). Easier to review a fine book.
    I live near Brooklyn College — ha.
    My hubby is a pianist — ha — too much Schubert, not enough Beethoven.
    My hair is the same color as yours in the photo. When kindly folks suggest I dye it, I tell them, I do. Do you?
    Thanks again,
    Jeffra Hays


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