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‘Timothy Ogene’s beautiful novel is a new form of Bildungsroman … Sam’s story is also a journey through books and memories, so much so that a life’s journey is not only oriented forwards, but also backwards.’

The African Book Review

The Day

Sam, a young Nigerian whose father only speaks to the children once he has taken on enough alcohol, and whose mother won’t accept that Sam is different from his siblings, is formed by the people he meets, the gay young man he cannot rescue from his tormentors, the girl whose rapist escapes when the women of the block march to mete out justice on him; and Pa Suku, a strange figure who opens Sam’s eyes to books and music, poetry and jazz. Then Sam goes to college and confronts his own sexuality, his own lack of belonging.
The Day Ends Like Any Day is the lyrical, challenging account of the multiple lives of a young Nigerian who refuses to accept that he has been shaped by the traumas of his past.

‘A vibrant coming-of-age tale which looks back to urban Nigerian classics such as Cyprian Ekwensi’s Lokotown but also forward to an unfolding picture of African identity that is both global and cosmopolitan.’

Giles Foden, author of The Last King of Scotland

‘An intense exploration of beauty, friendship, and self-discovery…’ Tendai Huchu, author of The Hairdresser of Harare and The Maestro, The Magistrate, & The Mathemetician

Timothy Ogene was born in Oyigbo, outside Port Harcourt in southern Nigeria. He is the sixth of seven children raised in a two room tenement block. He has since lived in Liberia, Germany, the US, and the UK. His poems, stories and reviews have appeared in Numero Cinq, Tincture Journal, One Throne Magazine, Poetry Quarterly, Tahoma Literary Review, The Missing Slate, Stirring, Kin Poetry Journal, Mad Swirl, Blue Rock Review, aaduna, Harvard Reviewand other places. His first collection of poetry, Descent & Other Poems, appeared this summer from Deerbrook Editions.
He holds a first degree in English and History from St. Edward’s University, a Master’s in World Literatures in English from the University of Oxford, and he is currenly working on a Master’s in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia.

Publication date: April 6th, 2017



Emanuela Barasch-Rubinstein is a writer and a scholar in the Humanities. Her parents fled their homes in Eastern Europe and emigrated to Israel, and Emanuela was born in Jerusalem. Her father was the art historian Moshe Barasch. Emanuela has also published scholarly books on the cultural perception of Nazism.

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